Family Support for Substance Use Disorder

Around 13% of people worldwide struggle with some form of alcohol or drug dependence during their lifetime. These statistics equate to nearly 35 million people struggling with a substance use disorder. [1] One of the most beneficial and necessary factors in drug or alcohol abuse recovery is the degree of support the person in need […]

When Does Social Drinking Become Harmful?

When you encounter stressful situations, what routines have you developed to handle them? Do you meditate? Do you engage in an activity as a physical outlet for the stress? Do you pray? Do you let the emotions pass and flow through you? Coping mechanisms for stress can be just as diverse as its causes. For […]

What Does a Year of Sobriety Feel Like?

One year. It can seem like a drop in the bucket of life, or like an entire lifetime lived in 365 days. What if one year ago you began your sobriety? What changes have happened after being one year sober? Recovery always involves growth, and a lot of growth can happen in a year. Without […]