The Beekeeper House

Rest, Recovery, & Rediscovery

The Property

A Serene Garden Paradise, Nested in The Mountains

Our stunning property is an 16 bedroom resort style centre spread out over 2 hectares, situated in beautiful botanical gardens designed by us to create a peaceful environment. We have custom-built a yoga and meditation sala and recreation sala. Our rooms are spacious and comfortable, and you can enjoy views into the forest from the poolside, as well as walks through the gardens. We place great emphasis on creating a comfortable environment at our residential centre to promote sleep, which enhances healing and therapy.

The Surrounding Area

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a historical city located in the north of Thailand, also referred to as the “Rose of the North”. It is famous for its historical temples, picturesque mountains, cool weather, and scenic views.  Our centre is nestled high up in the hills and surrounded by lush forest with incredible vistas.  We also have a beautiful and small Buddhist Temple next to our centre, which is a short walk away.  There are plenty of activities available in the area, so you’re able to strike the right balance of focussing on healing in privacy, and stepping out to enjoy the variety of activities available.







Who Are We ?

The Beekeeper House is part of a larger regional mental health and wellbeing group of companies.  We own and operate an outpatient facility in Cambodia, as well as inpatient treatment in Thailand.  We also own, or part own, a number of wellbeing companies that specialise in Yoga and Holistic Practices.

Our Philosophy

Our centre was founded on the principles and values of putting the client at the centre of our approach.  Our quality and ethical program is dedicated to the provision of services that completely respect the ethical rights of its clients.  This is not just a moral obligation, but also helps enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

Our Ethics

We are a treatment centre that will ensure the clients’ ethical rights are acknowledged, respected, and remembered under all circumstances. We believe those in recovery want to be heard and respected. Empowering them in decision-making and respecting them represents the confidence and support they deserve and need for a new, better life.

Qualified Professionals
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Combined Experience
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Clients Helped
Team Members

Our team is made up of established and qualified experts in their respective fields, from diverse backgrounds and united by a shared commitment to compassion and clinical excellence. The Beekeeper draws upon both local and international expertise to ensure we have the right people in place to meet your needs.  We also have a partnership with our local sister company, Chiang Mai Holistic, who ensure we are able to provide a wide variety of consistent complementary services to our clients.


Company Chairman

Robert oversees The Beekeeper Group of companies in Thailand and Cambodia.

Jessica_Admissions Director
Admission Director

Jessica effectively bridges the gap between our operations and clinical teams.

Amp_Director of Operations
Operations Director

Amp oversight all the important services that make your stay with us seamless.

Jake Dreiling_Clinical Director
Clinical Director

Jake brings a wealth of experience to bring the Beekeeper House to the highest levels.


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Medical Director

Dr Kanok is a highly experienced licensed medical doctor and scholar.

Dr Carin Killips

Dr Carin is a Psychologist from the UK with over 15 years’ experience.

Dr John Jacobs_Therapist

Dr John Jacobs is a therapist experienced in mental health from the US.

External Clinical Supervisors and Consultants

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External Support and After Care

Dr Gavin Alan Jones is a British trained Health Psychologist.

External Support and After Care

Dr Wilson is a clinical psychologist from the states, licensed in California and Texas.

Consultant Psychiatrist
External Support and After Care

Dr. Joby Morrow is a physician, consultant, writer, editor and reviewer.

Operations Team

Palm_Operation Manager
Operations Manager

Palm is a Thai National with over 15 years’ experience in medical instruments.

Chef Yuri
Executive Chef

Yuri is a well-known in Thailand, having been semifinalist on Masterchef.

Nat_Support Worker
Support Worker

Nat has extensive experience working in treatment centres in Thailand.

Afan_Support Worker
Support Worker

Afan is deeply knowledgeable about the process of recovery and treatments.

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Support Worker

Stitch hails from Australia and has worked in client facing roles for many years.

Support Worker

Yulia has a diverse skill set, including counselling certification and art therapy.

Dang_Hospitality Manager
Hospitality Manager

Dang a compassionate individual who has responsibility for our restaurant.

Aman_Tibetan Bowl Instructor
Tibetan Bowl Instructor

Aman will be giving regular sound baths for those who wish to participate.

Grounds, maintenance and housekeeping

Young_Head Groundsman
Head Groundsman

Young has overall responsibility for the site of Beekeeper House.

Jang_Head of Housekeeping
Head of Housekeeping

Jang ensures our clients stay is comfortable and welcoming.


Dang is part of the team that takes care of the Botanical Gardens.


Num helps oversee the care of the centre and its general operations.


Noui comes from the local village, taking care of clients’ needs for many years.

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep walking.”

– Buddhist Proverb

Frequently Asked Questions

We will guide you through the process of coming to Thailand with our admissions team on hand to help you, and anyone else who might be supporting you. The process involves the preliminary assessment, followed by an agreement that you will come to the Beekeeper House. The logistics of your travel will be your responsibility, but we will be on hand to advise and help you every step of the way.  When you come to Chiang Mai you will be met by our team, who will collect you from the airport.  Our team will then conduct a medical evaluation, including a drugs and alcohol test,  and a deeper assessment of your needs with respect to treatment

You may have seen 28 days frequently mentioned by rehabilitation centres.  The reason for this has no clinical imperative, rather it was the amount of leave military personnel used to be given in 1970’s and has now stuck.  There isn’t a magic number for the duration of a stay.  In fact, research shows that, if there is a magic number, it’s probably closer to 90 days. Although it’s still not a perfect process, multiple studies have shown treatment that lasts at least 90 days is much more effective.  Our minimum stay is 35 days, as our experience has shown us that this is the minimum amount of time we need to help you effect change.

Our centre falls into the mid to upper range of treatment options cost-wise in the region.  We do occasionally run promotions with discounted rates.  However please be mindful that we are an accredited rehab with world class facilities and staff.  We are committed to ensuring that our clients get everything that they have paid for, and we don’t cut corners in our service delivery. For more detailed information you can contact us directly.

During the preliminary assessment you will be able to ask detailed questions about our services and anything else you feel you might wish to ask us, and we will also be able to assess your specific treatment needs.  This discovery call is free.  In the unlikely event that we collectively don’t feel we are best placed to help you, we will make a referral wherever possible.

The weather is tropical, warm and can also be humid, with some cooler nights in December through to February.  Given the location of our centre, it gets a little colder than most of Chiang Mai so you should pack for cooler evenings as well as hot days.  Whereas it is important to dress for the climate, it is also important to dress for the slightly more conservative culture in Thailand,  when you are outside of the centre. For instance, in Temples your shoulders and knees should be covered.

Before you fly into Chiang Mai our admissions team will fully brief you on the paperwork required for your arrival into the country, including visas.  There has been a lot of change in recent times to entry requirements, and our team will always have the latest information.  Our sister detox centre the Warm is SHA+ approved and fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Thailand is a beautiful place to be, and conducive to the healing process.  Chiang Mai in particular has a lovely climate, and also has the advantage of having a large recovery community.  There is access to world class medical facilities nearby and a great local workforce, and lots to do in the area.  We are able to provide a quality service for less than you would pay in the US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia as the cost of doing business is lower and we are able to pass these savings onto our clients without sacrificing quality.

We are happy to work with insurance companies.  Normally you will need a “letter of guarantee” – this is a letter from your company/insurer to us stating the amount the company/insurer is paying for the client, co-payment required from client (if any) and other terms and conditions.  However, an initial deposit payment will need to be made in order to secure your place with us. Our admissions team will be able to advise and support you during this process. We will also advise you on the process of how to access your super as well.

The Beekeeper House is part of a larger regional mental health and wellbeing group of companies that has successfully worked with hundreds of clients over many years.  We own and operate an outpatient facility in Cambodia, as well as inpatient treatment in Thailand.  We also own, or part own, a number of wellbeing companies that specialise in Yoga and Holistic Practices. This means we are able to leverage our joint experience as employees, across different sites with a huge wealth of experience.

Mindfulness, yoga and meditation have some of the strongest research support for effectiveness among alternative and holistic treatments. One meta-analysis indicated that mindfulness practices decreased cravings and increased abstinence rates for substance use at a rate equivalent to numerous evidence-based practices. We combine these approaches with clinical psychology and contemporary medicine to produce powerful outcomes for individuals.