Residential Programme

Rest, Recovery, & Rediscovery

Residential treatment is a type of treatment where clients live for weeks or months at a centre, using that time to concentrate on their recovery efforts from a substance use disorder or a mental health condition. It allows you to be in the company of others committed to their treatment and recovery, and allows you to experience healing activities throughout the entire day. During residential treatment, you’ll learn how to live your life without the use of addictive substances or processes, and how to effectively manage chronic mental health conditions. To accomplish this, The Beekeeper House offers high levels of medical, mental health and spiritual support. As the client, you will also have significant responsibilities in residential treatment. You’ll be expected to participate in individual and group therapy on a daily basis.


To provide a transformative healing experience, you will need to identify the ways in which your body, mind and spirit may be in need of restoration. The Beekeeper House residential treatment program will assist you in this process by focusing on six areas:


A major aspect of a residential program is helping you understand how to take good care of your body. As such, your team will meet with the Beekeeper’s award-winning chef, who is also a trained nutritionist. In addition to designing the menu, she will provide dietary guidance to your team so that you receive optimal nutrition. Conscious eating is a vital part of the early recovery process, helping you establish a sense of your body’s value. It is in that spirit that the meals at The Beekeeper House are prepared and served.

This approach is evidence based, see reference here.


The recreational opportunities at The Beekeeper House span the gamut of art and play. All of them focus on restoration of your body and spirit. Activities like yoga, cycling, mountain hiking, training in the gym and other forms of movement can help you rediscover a love for your body’s capabilities. Many activities, such as nature walks and elephant orphanage excursions, will embrace the beauty and proximity of the surrounding area.

This approach is evidence based, see reference here.


Befitting our roots, the recovery program at The Beekeeper House takes care to instruct all of its clients in the art of mediation. One of its goals is to ensure that clients feel safe and comfortable meditating in several types of environments, whether in a lotus position on a mountainside or while walking in a garden.

This approach is evidence based, see reference here.

Communing With Nature

Nature is for everyone, and it is the most ancient and the most proven healer for illnesses like addiction, anxiety disorders and other conditions. By its very nature, addiction disconnects people from their environments and prevents them from being in the present. When you spend time in the forest, along rivers and lakes, and listening to the sounds of insects and birds, you have opportunities to mindfully reconnect to your surroundings. Your residential treatment will provide ample time for reuniting with nature.

This approach is evidence based, see reference here.

Understanding Your Strengths

While it is important to acknowledge the damage that addiction may have caused in your life and the lives of others, a primary goal of your treatment at The Beekeeper House is to understand your character strengths. During active addiction, low self-esteem and other spiritual barriers may prevent the discovery and development of your individual assets. During your residential treatment, you’ll develop a keen knowledge of your strengths, and learn how they can best be incorporated into your life routines.

This approach is evidence based, see reference here.

Developing Self-efficacy

Over the course of your treatment at The Beekeeper House, you will become skilled at identifying problematic and addictive patterns, anticipating their impact, developing a strategy to reduce them, and repairing the problems they create. You are likely to have victories both large and small. These little wins help create self-efficacy, your belief in your ability to manage your life. Developing self-efficacy has been shown to be a crucial aspect of a healthy recovery, and it is a primary focus of your treatment here.

This approach is evidence based, see reference here.


Some Of Our On Site Activities

Personal Training
Community Gardening
Muay Thai Kickboxing
Drop In Spa
Relaxation In Botanical Gardens



Therapy is the mainstay of your recovery efforts. It is here where you can develop trust and a sense of mutual cooperation with your therapist. These, in turn, can help you develop insights about the thought and behaviour patterns that lead to problematic behaviours and to consequences. Through therapy, you’ll be able to understand your inner life, develop a sense of self-awareness, and establish the accountability needed for healthy outcomes.

The Beekeeper House uses an eclectic approach to therapy, offering elements of many types of therapeutic models which is widely acknowledged to be the industry gold standard. They include, but are not limited to, psychodynamic psychotherapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic work and other approaches with demonstrated efficacy. All of these modalities are linked by a commitment to empathy and a focus on compassion and are evidence based.

One way in which this commitment manifests is through our therapists’ curriculum. Therapists use a thematic approach to group therapy work, where each series of sessions has a particular focus. For example, one week’s group might center on relapse prevention; another week’s group sessions might teach about self-compassion or diversity and inclusion. This approach allows therapists to provide you with practical feedback that connects to your lived experience.

These therapeutic approaches were both developed by leading mental health professionals who are qualified and experienced in their fields, as well as from time-honoured Eastern traditions of mindfulness, self-perception and cognitive awareness. These therapy modalities have the strongest evidence for their effectiveness at creating long-term recovery from co-occurring disorders and at facilitating better functioning in the clients who use them.


individual therapy

Each client will be assigned to their own fully qualified therapist and can expect a minimum of two session per week.

family therapy (if requested)

If you and your therapist decide that working with your family would be helpful then this can be arranged for you and coordinated by us.

group therapy

We have developed a customised programme, which includes well managed and facilitated group sessions, with an emphasis on ensuring we create a safe and enabling environment.

couples therapy (if requested)

If you and your therapist decide that working with your partner or spouse would be helpful then this can be arranged for you and coordinated by us.

Thematic Approach

Group Psychoeducation Classes

These are class-based sessions that have been carefully developed by our clinical team, and are varied in content and diverse in nature.

Mental Health

We believe in equipping our clients with knowledge, and this includes developing clients skills in understanding mental health issues and varied approaches that can be effective.

Relapse Prevention

We have a strong emphasis on working with clients on effective and different approaches to relapse prevention, and as such have developed a comprehensive programme around this area.

End of Treatment Focus

We will work with all of our clients to ensure that our clients are well prepared for their next steps after treatment. We will work closely with all clients on effective planning.

Off site activities

Whereas Beekeeper House will be a wonderful sanctuary, it is also important that clients are able to explore the wonderful excursions that make Chiang Mai such a special destination.  The team at Beekeeper House will run regular excursions to ensure clients are able to experience a wide variety of day trips as a group, some shown below, helping create new and happy memories as you also develop new friendships.