Your Treatment Timeline

This page gives you a brief overview of what your treatment journey will look like at The Beekeeper House. We hope it provides you with the information you need, but if you have any further questions for us, you can contact us, and we will happily answer any questions that you might have.  

Reaching Out

Your Journey Begins Here

When you make the conscious decision to seek help for a pattern of problematic addictive behaviour and underlying mental health conditions, it can offer you a sense of hope and of liberation. One important step for directing and sustaining the energy of this decision is to understand what your recovery process will look like. There are many choices for how to engage in recovery, and the more you know about your program, the greater your opportunity to have a fulfilling and successful treatment course.

The Beekeeper House was established to provide the most comprehensive treatment available for co-occurring disorders—the co-existence of substance use disorders (or other addictions) with mental health conditions. Using evidence-based mental health approaches alongside time-honoured Eastern healing traditions, The Beekeeper House offers flexible, diverse treatment approaches for co-occurring disorders that meet your unique needs.

Connect With Our Team

Preliminary Assessment

Once you have made the decision to make contact with the team at Beekeeper House, we will connect you to our admissions team.  During this process we will conduct a preliminary assessment of your needs and ensure we are best placed to meet those needs.  We are committed to making sure we are the right place for you to receive the support and help that you deserve.  On rare occasions we might feel that we need to refer you to another partner organisation who can better address your needs. If we mutually agree we are the right place, this initial assessment will help us start the foundation of your journey with us, and we can then begin the planning of your arrival.  Our admissions team will serve as a critical, caring and ongoing point of contact for you.  The preliminary assessment will underpin your initial assessment which is undertaken when you arrive and is more expansive in nature. 

Getting Here

Travelling to The Beekeeper House

The Beekeeper House in Chiang Mai is located in the picturesque, serene mountains of northern Thailand. It is a setting that invites harmony between your body and spirit, and encourages mindful engagement with your surroundings.

After you arrange your flight to Chiang Mai, a private transportation service will greet you and provide safe passage to our partner facility, The Warm.  Here you will receive a full medical evaluation to determine any detox requirements you may have.  Once you have been certified as fit, you will be transported to the The Beekeeper House grounds. Following registration and check-in, a staff member will give you an orientation to the recovery centre and its environs. Meals and accommodation will be provided to you for the duration of your stay.

laying the groundwork

Initial Assessment with Team

The initial assessment will build upon the preliminary assessment, which is conducted by phone or videoconference before your arrival at the centre. The beginning of your on-site treatment journey will consist of a comprehensive evaluation by a team that includes a physician and a therapist. Together, they will help you evaluate your body’s needs and chart the best approach for your emotional and spiritual healing.

Before your arrival at The Beekeeper House, our physician will work with you, as well as a physician at our partner hospital, to determine your needs for medical detoxification. Most needs for detoxification can be managed at the Beekeeper’s “The Warm” partner facility, a fully licensed detox center located near our main site. If you require a more extensive detox, the Beekeeper staff will arrange for your transport to our partner hospital in Chiang Mai. Following your safe detoxification there, you’ll be able to return to The Beekeeper House to participate in its extensive recovery programs.

The Work Begins

Recovery Programmes


The Beekeeper House works with its partner detox centre, The Warm, which is located near our main centre.  The Warm is one of the very few fully licensed and accredited Rehabilitation Centres in Thailand.  All of our clients will go through this centre and be fully medically evaluated and cleared before transferring to The Beekeeper House.  A client’s stay at The Warm is determined by our Medical Director, and will be dependent on each individual’s needs.  This can vary from one night, to a longer stay depending on individual circumstances.


The Beekeeper House is the centre where our residential programme is situated.  The centre is set in stunning gardens that we have landscaped and designed with recovery and restoration in mind.  Each part of the centre has been carefully designed around our clients needs in order to create a safe and enabling environment, to ensure they are able to enjoy the serenity of the mountains and forest, but also able to access the amenities of the city.  This includes award winning medical care at our partner hospital Bangkok Hospital in Chiang Mai, and a wide array of activities to keep one busy during downtime. 


The Beekeeper House is where much of the work begins, however when an individual leaves our care there is still more work to be done in order to ensure our clients are able to safely and happily continue their journey in life and thrive. Much of the preparatory work is undertaken whilst the client is at The Beekeeper House, however support and aftercare are a critical component to ensuring success when bridging the gap back into life after being part of the residential programme. We offer ongoing support both in Chiang Mai for those who wish to remain here after their stay, as well as links to our networks of support around the world.