Your Treatment Timeline

This page gives you a brief overview of what your treatment journey will look like at The Beekeeper House. We hope it provides you with the information you need, but if you have any further questions for us, you can contact us, and we will happily answer any questions that you might have.  

Referring to Beekeeper House

Connecting Your Patient to Beekeeper House Thailand

Addiction and mental health disorders have traditionally been separated from mainstream medical treatment, but that dynamic is rapidly changing. Compared to even one decade ago, more psychiatrists, primary care physicians, psychotherapists, and other allied professions have become more active partners in helping their clients and patients find suitable treatment. Navigators and peer recovery specialists have also helped those with these conditions to find prompt, effective care. Thanks to increasing awareness about the impact of addiction and mental health conditions on society’s function, more professionals are willing to help guide their patients and clients toward the best available treatment options. 

This page is intended to assist professionals make effective referrals for their clients seeking treatment for mental health issues, which are defined as the co-existence of an addictive disorder and a mental health condition. Co-occurring disorders are important to identify, since the simultaneous presence of addictive and mental health conditions greatly affects a client’s overall prognosis, as well as the treatment outcomes for each individual condition. The presence of addiction makes mental health treatment more challenging, and vice versa.  

The Beekeeper House Thailand is an integrative health-focused recovery center that specialises in the joint treatment of addiction and mental health disorders. The treatment approach at Beekeeper weaves together ancient Eastern philosophy with evidence-based mental health and addiction recovery techniques, creating a mindful, connected tapestry for healing and growth. 

What to expect

Initiating Referrals

Uncomplicated substance use disorders that are mild to moderate in severity can often be addressed by a series of primary care, psychiatric or therapist visits. The same is true for a low-severity mental health compromise. However, when a mental health condition and a substance use disorder coexist, targeted speciality care is recommended by most authorities in these health domains. If you and your client have decided that treatment for both a substance use disorder and a mental health condition is necessary, you can initiate your referral by contacting The Beekeeper by emailing, calling us filling in our contact form.  


The Beekeeper House offers sensitive, culturally competent, personalised assessments of your clients’ and patients’ treatment needs for co-occurring disorders. It offers flexible, dynamic, evidence-based treatment that emphasizes integrative care and promotes self-efficacy.


Staffing at the Beekeeper House follows rigorous practice standards, ensuring that your patients and clients will receive high-quality medical and mental health care. The treatment team at the Beekeeper House uses internationally accredited and licensed psychiatrists, and therapists. Meals are prepared by a nationally renowned chef who trained as a nutritionist. The medical director has been licensed by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health. The treatment team prides itself on being excellent communicators with patients, with each other and, when appropriate, with our clients’ support network.

The process

Programme Overview

The Beekeeper House is located in the province of Chiang Mai, surrounded by the serenity of northern Thailand’s mountains. The area is home to ancient temples and is magnificently verdant, making this setting particularly conducive to physiological, emotional and spiritual recovery. 

When clients arrive, they are assessed by our treatment team, along with members of our partner hospital, for their needs for medical detoxification. Uncomplicated detox is performed at the Beekeeper House. If a client’s detox needs are more active, detox takes place at the partner hospital, with the client returning to the Beekeeper when medically stable.

The Beekeeper offers comprehensive staffing and round-the-clock care. Nursing support is available for clients 24 hours per day, Physicians see clients for initial evaluation and for regular follow-up during treatment, and a medical professional is always on call. Each client is assigned a therapist, and each client participates in group therapy and a range of other recovery activities.

Since length of treatment is positively correlated with increased abstinence and better quality of life, The Beekeeper House offers 35 days treatment as its minimum. This length of treatment allows clients to achieve more physiologic stability, internalize their new therapeutic tools, and develop healthy routines. With 35 days of treatment, clients get ample opportunities to develop trusting bonds with their treatment team, and can create sustainable spiritual practices. However,  clients needs can vary, and we recognize that stays might be need to be longer and our programme has been developed with the 90 days being an optimal period of time. 

How we work

Therapeutic Offerings

Inclusive, affirming therapy is the mainstay of a client’s recovery efforts at the Beekeeper. Through the development of trust and mutual cooperation with our clients, we help them develop insights about the thought and behaviour patterns that lead to problematic outcomes. Patients develop connection with their inner lives, gain self-awareness, and establish the accountability needed for healthy behavioral patterns.


The Beekeeper House uses an eclectic approach to therapy, offering elements of many types of therapeutic models. They include psychodynamic psychotherapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic work and other approaches with demonstrated efficacy. All of these modalities are linked by a commitment to empathy and a focus on compassion.


Empathy and compassion are the pillars of the therapists’ curriculum. Beekeeper’s therapists use a thematic approach to group therapy work, where each series of sessions has a particular focus. For example, one week’s group might center on relapse prevention; another week’s group sessions might teach about self-compassion or diversity and inclusion. This approach allows therapists to provide clients with practical feedback that connects to their lived experience.

These therapeutic approaches were both developed by qualified and accredited mental health professionals, but they stem from time-honoured Eastern traditions of mindfulness, self-perception and cognitive awareness. These therapy modalities have the strongest evidence for their effectiveness at creating long-term recovery from co-occurring disorders and at facilitating better functioning in the clients who use them.

The Work Begins

Recovery Programmes


The Beekeeper House works with its partner detox centre, The Warm, which is located near our main centre.  The Warm is one of the very few fully licensed and accredited Rehabilitation Centres in Thailand.  All of our clients will go through this centre and be fully medically evaluated and cleared before transferring to The Beekeeper House.  A client’s stay at The Warm is determined by our Medical Director, and will be dependent on each individual’s needs.  This can vary from one night, to a longer stay depending on individual circumstances.


The Beekeeper House is the centre where our residential programme is situated.  The centre is set in stunning gardens that we have landscaped and designed with recovery and restoration in mind.  Each part of the centre has been carefully designed around our clients needs in order to create a safe and enabling environment, to ensure they are able to enjoy the serenity of the mountains and forest, but also able to access the amenities of the city.  This includes award winning medical care at our partner hospital Bangkok Hospital in Chiang Mai, and a wide array of activities to keep one busy during downtime. 


The Beekeeper House is where much of the work begins, however when an individual leaves our care there is still more work to be done in order to ensure our clients are able to safely and happily continue their journey in life and thrive. Much of the preparatory work is undertaken whilst the client is at The Beekeeper House, however support and aftercare are a critical component to ensuring success when bridging the gap back into life after being part of the residential programme. We offer ongoing support both in Chiang Mai for those who wish to remain here after their stay, as well as links to our networks of support around the world.